Operator Qualification

The Operator Qualification (OQ) law affects those who work in the oil and gas pipeline industries. The purpose of the law is to reduce accidents related to human error by ensuring that individuals who perform certain identified tasks are qualified to do so. In other words, OQ is a safety initiative based upon quality.

Henkels & McCoy responds to this operational challenge by not just meeting the bare minimum of the law, but by exceeding expectations with dedicated personnel and resources. We offer assurance to our customers that they will stand up to regulatory scrutiny should the need arise by implementing specialized software and document retention controls. A leader in this area, Henkels & McCoy offers a superior and more mobile workforce, reduces risk exposure, and assists in controlling costs so operators can focus on their true objective of delivering uninterrupted and safe energy. Through the OQ Underground Program for Non-Gas Crews, we also train employees performing underground work outside of these industries to be cognizant of this regulation and aware of the associated risks should they encounter natural gas or petroleum infrastructure.

The following are third-party programs in which Henkels & McCoy participates in order to remain compliant with the requirements of our customers’ Operator Qualification programs.

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